Who We Are?

Marhaba Designers takes great pride in going an extra mile to procure the supreme and luxurious Pashmina/Cashmere shawls. These shawls are imported from Kashmir, which is the hub of producing stunning and pure Pashmina/Cashmere shawls also known as the King of all fabrics. We deal in shawls, stoles, scarfs, wraps, mufflers, and stitched and unstitched suits. We have all types of quality ranging from normal to supreme both for gents and ladies. Our signature Pashmina shawls and wraps are the most famous amongst people, which gives a timeless experience and is a symbol of utmost grace.


We have a history of more than 40 years of doing this business. First started from Murree, being one of the pioneers, Marhaba has helped spread knowledge about “Pure” Pashmina through the quality we have been providing since then. Proudly, Marhaba is a renowned wholesale and retail services provider nationwide. Our head office is located in Lahore, Punjab along with three operational outlets.


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About Our Products

At Marhaba we provide top quality/purest Pashmina shawls unlike others who quote mixed material as pure Pashmina. Marhaba has gained quite good market share by our goodwill and the trust of customers earned throughout the decades of hard work.Other than the shawls Marhaba also provides an unmatched collection of handicrafts made with love and care. We have wooden, brass and marble handicrafts. Our finest artificial jewelry is antique and beautifully crafted with vivid stones.We have travelled across many parts of the world and came across talented artisans who create handicrafts with extraordinary attention. We exhibit our products often in India and China. Over the years Marhaba has been successful in creating thousands of happy clients all across the world. Find everything you are looking for, a nice piece of jewelry, a decorative art piece for your living space or an enchanting Pashmina shawl to add up into your wardrobe.

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